Countdown Timer - Privacy Policy

What information we don't collect?
- Countdown Timer does not read any private information from the device it operates on. Not your email, name, phone number nor imei. Nothing whatsoever.
What information do we collect?
- Crash Reports
- Anonymous usage statistics: time periods selected, time until dismissed, number of snoozes, preferred preferences
- Country, Language
What do we use this information for?
We need this in order to improve future versions of this app: provide localized versions, change default preferences, fix bugs, add features, etc.

How do we process this information?
We use Google Analytics, and we've disabled its user tracking capability (by not providing Android Permission to read phone info).
Google Analytics tracks the events we register in the regular use flow of the app, and than we can see global statistics at Google Analytics website, and identify common usage patterns and problems.

Terms and Conditions
Countdown Timer is provided "as-is", without any guarantee to work, and we will not be liable for any damage that may occur by or as a result of using this app.
MindTheApps reserves the right to anonymously track and report a user's activity inside the app, and get crash reports of it.
Your concent
Installing and using Countdown Timer is considered as agreeing with the terms and conditions.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page.
This policy was last modified on Jan 21, 2014

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