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Thank you for using Countdown Timer by Amir Uval!
Countdown Timer app is constantly evolving. It's highly recommended to use the latest version.
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version 5.492

✔ Fix a problem on Galaxy S4 (Android 4.4+) devices: sometimes alarm failed to turn the screen on.
✔ Fixed Russian translation for plurals (numbers ending with 1).
✔ Added a new Easter egg: Disable/Enable proximity check when it is time for the alert.
...By default, the screen will remain off when in the pocket or face down on the table. However, there are some rare cases where devices have problems with the proximity sensor, or there is no proximity sensor at all. Disabling the proximity code may be a workaround if your device doesn't always wake up for the alert.
to toggle proximity code Disabled/Enabled, use the code: 30:10:20 in a new session. (You'll need 6 digits for that).

version 5.490

✔ Proximity sensor fix: update for Lollipop and a fix for some Motorola devices
. . Proximity sensor is used for keeping the screen off while ringing in the pocket or face down on the table
✔ Added a method to allow secure passing of your current Countdown Timer settings to my advanced timer coming soon (Timesolutely).

version 5.487

✔ A minor bug fix: sometimes orientation was locked to portrait mode

version 5.486

✔ Fixed an orientation lock bug from previous version - in one case the app locked its orientation after the Alert.
. . Restarting the device is needed if it happened.

version 5.484

✔❗ Important bug fix - on some devices Alert failed while in the lock screen.
✔ Added settings option for the Alert popup to interrupt other apps.
. . Default to YES. Previously the default was NO.
✔ Fixed: label on alert will now survive reboot
✔ More memory and battery optimizations

version 5.481

✔ Fixed proximity sensor problem in at least one device (Alarm didn't fire when screen was off)
✔ Fixed ringtone problem in some devices

version 5.480

✿ New Filipino translation - Thanks to Gio Santos!
✔ Proximity sensor added to alert, so it won't open in the pocket or when up side down
✔ Fixed vibrate when ringtone is silent with loop sound unchecked
✔ Fixed a new progress-bar bug on android 2.1 (caused crash when stopping)
✔ Fixed some cases where external mp3 didn't play

version 5.478 (bug fix)

✔ Fixed (new critical bug from 5.476): Snooze and Repeat stopped working
✔ Fixed Replay sound cut off sometimes

version 5.476

✿ New Norwegian translation - Thanks to Tim Bastiansen
✿ New Japanese translation - Thanks to Endo Kazuho
✔ Support larger font if enabled in Accessibility Settings
✔ Improved progress bar animation
✔ Some internal improvements

version 5.474

✔ Battery life improvement: When screen is off, background service is destroyed, not just put to sleep like before.
✔ Fixed: When Alert is ringing and also notification area is open, the alert was dismissed but kept on ringing
✔ Fixed: Alarm didn't always fire after device boot

version 5.473

✔ New Alert screen design
✔ New Easter egg: change the sound channel from ALARM to MEDIA and back 45:41:45
✔ Modifies Sound code to fix some rare issues
✔ New permission added ("test access to protected storage") to allow Android 4.4 users to play mp3 from SD card.

version 5.468

✔ New feature: Added an optional Replay Button on the alert dialog.
    It will repeat the last session immediately.
       * See help page for tips on how to make the best of it:

- Fixed notification not removed when the alert is dismissed
- Some bug fixes

- Android 4.4 ready BUT please contact me if you want to use external mp3 as an alarm,
   it requires a new permission that I did not included in the published version.
   I'll send you a enhanced version by email if you want.

version 5.45.x (A really major update)

- Because of a bug in Android 4.3, I had to do a total rewrite of the wheel and digits.
  But there are added benefits:
✔ fit screen (even on highest resolution devices)
Android 4.3 ready
✔ Now using Hardware Acceleration (GPU)
✔ Smoother animation (60 frames/second)
✔ Added a higher wheel when editing in portrait mode, with "glass cover" style.

- Auto dismiss after 30 minutes ringing alarm - to save battery.
  A notification about this will appear on the notifications bar (if not disabled by the user).
- Need two new permissions:
 * android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
     >  some devices (Hisense) require this to select a ringtone, and I got tired of the crash alerts from thse devices.
          It has absolutely no effect on any other user or device.
 * android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW
     > required for an easter egg : display time on top of everything. (including on other apps and on the lock screen).
     > To activate this cool hidden feature, you'll need to read the instructions on my Google+ group :)

New bugs fixed (From 5.45.x-1)
✔ Fixed crash if selecting "don't update widget"
✔ Fixed a rare problem where all the digits appeared as "9" (while still working fine).

Old bugs fixed
✔ Fixed home button on Alert: now dismissing correctly

version 5.44

- Fixed a new bug (from 5.43.9) - Alert sound didn't play while another app was in front. (Only a visual notifications were displayed).
- After feedback from users - improved the visibility of the new colon added.

version 5.439

- Fixed a new bug (from 5.43.8): unwanted alarm sound when starting after early warning
- Added larger digit for high resolution display
- Added a colon separator between hours, minutes and seconds for better clarity
- Changed the H-M-S hint to better clarify 10s from 1s

version 5.438

- Fixed a crash in the new sdk 4.3
- Replaced the notification generation to improve compatibility for various devices
✿ New French translation (Thanks to Jonathan Gosper)
✿ New Romanian translation (Thanks to Maria Trambitas)

version 5.435

- You can now set a label to any history item (on the Rollback Menu).
. . . Long click an item to set its label
. . . The label will also appear as the Alert title! (Instead of "Countdown Complete")
. . . Use it for things like: "Good Morning!", "Happy New Year!", or "Take medicine"

version 5.430 (A major update)

✿ New Italian Translation (Many thanks to Jedigian)
- Enhancements to the Widget and Toolbar Notifications
. . . Quick start any of 5 previous runs directly from the widget
. . . Option to select update frequency: 1 sec, 1 min (new default) or disabled
. . . . . . This saves battery, and allows to run smoothly on old devices
- Enhanced Rollback button: quick start of 5 previous runs
. . . The button is disabled by default, enable from Settings

version 5.426

- Some rare bug fixes

version 5.425

✿ New Chinese translation (Many Thanks to Albert Chang)

version 5.423

✿ New Spanish translation (Many thanks to Enrique Pareja!!)
- Added and option to snooze with hard buttons (volume, camera)
. . . Notice it is no longer possible to dismiss with hard buttons. It is to avoid dismissing by accident
- Silencing the alarm sound by tapping anywhere on the screen
. . . Now the alarm will re-sound later, similarly to snooze, but the screen is allowed to turn off. It is to recover from accidental silencing.
- Fix a rare refresh problem in the widget (Thanks Rebecca Madden for reporting).
- Fixed an error when returning from "set time" selection on few device models.

version 5.422

✿ New German translation (Many thanks to Frank Röber!!)
- Fix for hard to read notification text color on some devices
- Widget now updates every 2 seconds if time is more than 1 hour, and every 1 second if less.
- Russian / Jelly Bean+ now takes small number into consideraion (минуты)
- Improved notification animation and alert icon

version 5.42

✿ New Russian translation (Many thanks to Артём Власенко!!)
- Added Ability to disable Snooze functionality
- Changed feedback method to email (better for many users)

version 5.41

- Added Alarm clock function: set the time when you want the alarm to ring (up to 24 hours ahead)
- Added yellow alert icon Go for problem with alarm sound (missing ringtone, low volume, silent ringtone selected)
- Minor bug fixes (Loop alarm didn't work correctly, rare error on unfound ringtone)

version 5.40

✿ New Portuguese translation (Many thanks Andre Soeiro!!)
- Better handle multiple widgets
- Background Service now exits after alert is dismissed.

version 5.39

- Added Vibration pattern selection!
- Added Portuguese support.
- Setting 0:00 on Widget when not running
- Fallback to default ringtone if sound file no longer available (SD removed probably)

version 5.38

- Added various translations (Italian, Spanish)

version 5.37

- Tap on alert window to silent it.
- Added various translations (Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Hindi, Russian)

version 5.36

- Added "Flexible Snooze" feature: Long press the Dismiss Alert button to re-open the main app window, so you can easily select any new time.
- Added an option to remove the Frame from drawing (Enabled by default, disable in settings)

version 5.35

- Added "Early Warning" notification feature (Disabled by default - enable it in settings).
It allows you for example to get 10 minute notice before your parking time is over.

version 5.34

- For Widget support - Removed the option to install app on external storage.
- Some minor improvements.

version 5.33

- Fixed the new bug from version 5.32

version 5.32

- Added a Widget - install it from the desktop of your Android Home, or from the widget library (in ICS+)
- Introduced a new bug causing crash when launcing the app the second time

version 5.30

- Even taller wheel.
- Disable led blinking on some device models.

version 5.29

- Taller wheel when device is portrait mode. showing the tips of the next digits, for better wheel effect.
- Tactile feedback (short vibration) on digit change when rotating the wheel.
- A bit larger "HMS" hint (got a comment it's too small)

version 5.28

- Maximized timer size to fit the width of the screen
- Reduced the size of the "HMS" hint

version 5.27

- Added a setting option to stop notification icon animation

version 5.26

- Fixed a rare error in Android versions 2.2.1 and 2.2.2

version 5.25

- Fixed a compatibility issue for the "Yusu" device brand.

version 5.24

- Added a check if connected through WiFi, to prevent cost of mobile network (Needs a new security permission - ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE)
- Added some battery optimizations
- A bug fix.

version 5.23

- Fixed an ANR (Application not Responding) bug.

version 5.22

- Added full Korean localizations
- Added full Hebrew localizations

version 5.20

- All known bugs fixed: No longer in beta

version 5.10.beta

- Added count up past due (auto start when countdown ends).
- ..So it has some Stopwatch functionality now.
- more bug fixes

version 5.09.beta

- More ringtone/alarms selection
- more bug fixes

version 5.08.beta

- The alarm loop now waits ~10 seconds between loops
- bug fixes

If you encounter any problem, or want more features, please drop me an email to
Thank you!!!
- Amir

Countdown Timer - (c) 2012-2015 Copyright Amir Uval - MindTheApps ltd.