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Thank you for using "Countdown Timer" by Amir Uval!

" Countdown Timer" is a simple, yet powerful timer for measuring an amount of time. It will alert you when the time is up.
"Countdown Timer" is designed to be extremely easy to use, insanely convenient and fast to set time and start, and to make sure you won't miss the alert, even if the screen is turned off, a task killer killed all running apps or you've just restarted your device.

"Countdown Timer" is perfect for cooking, for turn based timed games (such as chess), for debate clubs, or just for taking a short nap...

There is a full change log.




Start Countdown (Visible while not running)
Start Countdown to a specified time of day (Visible while not running and wheel is set to 00-00-00)
stop Stop Countdown (Visible while running)
zero Zero Countdown wheel (Visible when not running and the Countdown Wheel is not zero)
Tip: tap it in order for Goto be visible
settings Edit Settings
help This page, and more information
Rollback Rollback wheel to the last time that was set when the Go was tapped before. (Visible when enabled in the Preferences and a "last" time value is available)

Tip: Long tap on an item on the list to set a label. The label will appear on the Alert, and also make the item permanent in the list.
To let it fall off the list, just set an empty label.
snooze [Alert Dialog] Snooze: Stops alarm and Starts a 5 minute countdown

Tip: you can hide this button from settings, or set a different snooze time
Tip2: Long Tap to open the main view again, with the default snooze duration already set.
dismiss [Alert Dialog] Dismiss: Stops alarm and Closes the dialog

Tip: Long Tap to open the main view again, with the last session already set.
[Alert Dialog] Replay: Repeat last session immediately.
There are two ways you can repeat:
(A) With Short Tap = remaining duration (since the alert)
(B) With Long Tap = same duration, starting at the tap


Settings Explained


Vibration Type
Use the device vibration (if available) or not, and which pattern to vibrate.

Alarm Sound
default alarm
Select any alarm from all the alarms+ringtones that are already installed on your device.
If you select something too soft and gentle, you might miss it when it rings!
loop Loop Alarm Sound
Some alarms you may select are very long, and some are just one "beep".
"Loop" will make the sound repeat itself every 10 seconds, so you are less likely to miss it.
99h Early Warning Notification
Let you enable an audio notification at a specific time before the end of the countdown. It will not cause the screen to open if it is closed. And it requires the Notification system to be active for it to work.
99h Select Time Format
Determines how many Hour digits to display. 0, 1 or 2 (mm:ss / h:mm:ss / hh:mm:ss).
On the extreme, you can count down 100 hours minus one second. (That's 4 days and 4 hours).
99h Enable Rollback Button
Allows you to easily revert to last countdown activated. Useful if you need the same time period over and over again, such as in a chess game. If your turn took only 10 seconds out of (say) 1:30 minutes, than instead of of stopping->zeroing>setting the digits to 1:30, you can just tap "rollback", and the wheel will be set to 1:30, ready to be started again.
99h Show Frame
The frame around the wheel. Note that without the frame, the digits will become a bit bigger, to fill the screen.
99h Screen Timeout
Some use cases require the screen to remain on while running (for example - public speaking), and some don't (cooking). Set the screen timeout rule here. The default is keep on, as long as battery is more than 10% full.
Note that even if this is set to on, you can always shut down the screen manually, and it will remain this way until the alert opens it.
99h Enable Interactive Help
Displays some interactive help (Animated help and text over). It turns off automatically after I see that you've got the point.
99h NEW
Show Replay Button
A quick way to repeat the last session - directly from the Alert dialog.
Read the difference between short and long tap on this button in the instructions above.
99h  Select Snooze duration
5 min
When clicking the "Snooze" button on the Alert, this value is used to automatically set the timer and run.
99h Hard buttons snooze Alert
Hard button is any physical button on the device button (except the power button).
When enabled, and Alert is displayed, than you can use the volume and other buttons if available (some devices has camera button) - to dismiss or snooze the alert. Use volume up to snooze, all the other buttons to dismiss.
99h Send comment to developer

Opens your default email client so you can send me a message. It adds info on your device model, android version, and more technical details that should help me understand the problem.
99h Share Countdown Timer
That would be nice of you :)
Note that +1 in Google plus indicates to Google that it should place me higher in search results!


Alerts and time measurement can be quite important at times, that's why I made extra effort to make this app as reliable as I can.
This includes:


You're smart to be suspicious. Here I explain why I need each and every permission my app requires. As a rule, I don't ask for permission I don't need to provide a useful feature for the user, and only the user. Notice there are no permissions asked for user account, identity or device identity or location.

Not supported

I currently don't plan to add those in the free version. As for now there is no paid version, but if I see demand, than I may develop it.

Terms of use
: This app was built with best effort to provide a reliable and stable product, and was tested thoroughly on several platforms, but it is released without any guarantee that it would work on each and every device out there, and there can be no liability for anything that may result from a bug in the software.
Flurry Analytics: MindTheApps reserves the right to anonymously track and report a user's activity inside the app, and get crash reports of it.

If you encounter any problem, or want more features, please drop me an email to
Thank you!!!
- Amir

"Countdown Timer" - (c) 2012-2015 Copyright Amir Uval - MindTheApps ltd.

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